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Purposed Ventures is proud to serve the needs of independent oil and gas companies, private equity and institutional investors. Purposed Ventures offers both sides of any acquisition or divestiture a chance at a clean, transparent, fairly negotiated and successfully executed arrangement. PV provides expertise, ingenuity, a copious contact list, cross sector expertise, creativity and realistic views of the opportunity. We do not hold back, shy away from telling it like is and never move forward where ethics and integrity are not paramount. 


Purposed Ventures LLC is a Texas-based A&D advisory firm specializing in:

  • Transacting Mineral and Royalty Interest

  • O&G Upstream Growth & Equity Investments

  • O&G Midstream Projects

  • Business Development 

  • Forming Strategic Partnerships 

PV is highly dedicated to our clients and bring a supreme level of INTEGRITY to our work. We believe in creating long-term relationships through honest trade, clear communication and quality investment opportunities.

If you are a buyer or seller of oil and gas properties, a developer of high quality drilling ventures, or need to raise capital for your company, please contact Purposed Ventures for a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation. 

Our Purpose
  • Buy-Side Procedures (Acquisitions)

  • Sell-Side Procedures (Divestitures)

  • Private Capital Placement 

  • Asset Valuations

  • Technical and Financial Modeling

  • Structured Hedge Products

  • Strategic Partnership Formation

  • Basin Studies